Humpbacks are waiting. 

Join photographer Karim Iliya on an adventure under the sea, and swim with nature's gentle giants, humpback whales, in the beautiful islands of Tonga. 




Snorkeling / Freediving

No certifications required

*No scuba


Location: Vava'u Tonga

Group of Islands just east of Fiji



All Inclusive

Housing, Food, Boat, and Transportation

*flights not included



Small Groups of 6 People

3 at a time in the water

Experienced Guide



3 Meals a Day

Fresh, Delicious, Healthy, Home cooked

*Snacks and Dietary Preferences Available


Optional Photography Workshops

Photographers and Non photographers welcome


Upcoming Trips for 2019

Trip 2 - FULL

Aug 26th - Sept 4th


9 nights/7 days on the water 

Arrive Aug 26th - Depart  Sept 4th

2 spots left

Trip 5

 Sept 23rd - Oct 1st


8 nights/6 days on the water

Arrive Sept 23rd - Depart Oct 1st

3 spots left

Trip 6 

Oct 2nd -  9th


7 nights/5 days on the water

Arrive Oct 2nd - Depart Oct 9th

1 Spot left

Trip 7 

Oct 9th - 17th


8 nights/6 days on the water

Arrive Oct 9th - Depart Oct 17th

Trip 1  - FULL

Aug 16th - 24th


8 nights/6 days on the water

Contact for waitlist options

Trip 4 - FULL

Sept 14th - 21st


7 nights/5 days on the water

Contact for waitlist options

Trip 3 - FULL

Sept 5th - 14th


9 nights/7 days on the water

Arrive  Sept 5th - Depart Sept 14th

If you would like to join us and reserve your spot in 2019 please contact us!


Humpback whales are incredibly beautiful and gentle animals that come to Vava’u Tonga to mate and have babies once a year. Depending on your trip, we will spend 6-8 days in the water swimming and snorkeling with humpback whales and professional underwater photographer Karim Iliya. They are wild animals, in abundance at this time of year and swimming with them will be on their own terms.   Whales will be respected. Our boat holds 6 passengers so to avoid disturbance, we take turns in the water, (3 guests) + whale guides. Basic fitness and swimming /snorkle ability is required. Embedded is an underwater whale photography workshop, however non photographers are equally welcome. Meals, airport transfer, and accommodation are included in price. (airfare is not, though we will help advise you through the booking process.)

Whales are very gentle animals. Though they are wild animals, under the guidance of Karim and our Tongan whale guide, swimming with humpbacks is generally quite safe. We will be staying on land and doing day trips on a boat.  Boat, swimming, taxi transfer, pickup & dropoff, accommodation & food included . Airfare & snorkel gear not included.

"I have been around the world and seen incredible things. Volcanos exploding their guts into the night sky, the northern lights dancing across the winter landscapes of Iceland and sailing across the greek isles; but nothing comes close to encountering humpbacks whales underwater. It is a place where I have experienced the strongest emotions of love and humility, and watched grown adults brought to tears. It changed my life, and has made me want to spend my life interacting and documenting these animals underwater, and to be able to share that with the world through my images and films."

- Karim Iliya



"When I finally got into the water with the humpbacks, I was filled with emotions I did not know how to express. Looking into a humpback whale's beautiful eye, I felt a strong connection and realized how unique and important these creatures are."

-Karim Iliya